La Chapelle Fifteen

Group exhibition. La Chapelle des Calvariennes, Mayenne.
14th November to 13 December 2015.

Curator: Mathias Courtet.

La Chapelle Fifteen. Group Exhibition. La Chapelle des Calvariennes, Mayenne. 2015.
Artists: Wilfrid Alemendra, Antoine+Manuel, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Erwan Bouroulec, Julien Bousac, Nicolas Buffe, Vincent Carlier, Les Frères Chapuisat, Jacques Charlier, Florian Chevillard, David Michael Clarke, Eric Croes, Jonas Delhaye, Georges Dupin, Georges Dussaud, Joris Favennec, Pierre Fraenkel, Charles Fréger, Vincent Godeau, Alexis Judic, Jules Julien, Julien Laforge, Briac Le Prêtre, Farida Le Suavé, David Lebreton, Jean-Yves Lebreton, François Marcadon, Maude Maris, Vincent Mauger, Delphine Pouillé, Atelier Polyhedre, Elisa Pône, Stéphane Protic, Tony Regazzoni, Pierre-Alexandre Rémy, Sylvie Réno, Carole Rivalin, Rubenimichi, Lionel Sabatté, Cyril Sancereau, Julien Salaud, Olivier Sevère, Super Terrain, Olivier Kosta Thefaine, Claire Tabouret, Charlotte Vitaioli.

Le Kiosque and the Chapelle des Calvairiennes celebrate their 15th birthday. The contemporary arts centre in Mayenne, Pays de la Loire, marks the occasion with an exhibition pf fifty artists who have contributed to its reputation and a catalogue punctuated with interviews that tell the centre’s story.

The exhibition, «Chapelle Fifteen» doesn’t propose itself as an objective reportage of the art scene over the last fifteen years. Welcoming back the artists who have allowed the centre to construct its identity, a strong place in the french art scene, the arts centre hopes to create an event that will reveal many surprises, with many artists changing their repertoire. So definitely not a retrospective. «Chapelle Fifteen» presents new work, sometimes never seen outside of the studio.