Life After John

Sculpture, 2002.
50 x 70 x 120 cm. 
Coffee table basse, book, various objects.

Life After John. 2019. Sculpture. Table, livre & objets divers . 50 x 70 x 120 cm. 2002. © ADAGP, Paris / David Michael Clarke.

I made this work after having lived in France for only a couple of years. I was writing a fair bit at the time, both as an artist and as a commentator. I was also trying to get a handle on the local lingo. To help me in my endeavours, I picked up a translated copy of « Art in Theory ». It made me think back to a conversation I had a few years back with Martin Boyce. He had just finished the MFA at Glasgow School of Art and I was just about to start it. There wasn’t an enormous list of equipment that students needed to buy, but each student was supposed to acquire a copy of « Art in Theory » in order to follow John Calcutt’s seminar program. Always looking for a bargain, I asked Martin if he still had his copy. His sardonic reply, « Yes, but I’m using it to prop up a wobbly table ». So I made this sculpture. I bought the coffee table from IKEA, cut six and a half centimetres off one leg and shoved John’s favorite anthology underneath in order to re-establish the balance.

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