Fish Hotel

Sculpture / Installation, 2014.
Sign, chair Enzo Mari (modifié), wooden plateau (plywood and pine), bassin, fish food, net.
Production La Galerie du Dourven.
David Michael Clarke. Fish Hotel. Exhibition view: Flying Black Cow Utopia Club. Galérie du Dourven. Trédez-Locquémeau. 2014. Photo: Hervé Beurel.

During my first discussion with Didier Lamandé about a future exhibition at the Galerie du Dourven, I told him that I would like to conceive the exhibition as a «crossroads» for everybody who frequents the park … the fisherman, the hikers, the swimmers, the joggers, the dog-walkers etc.

To attract the attention of the fishermen, a sign was erected in the park, at the point of the peninsula, and to comfort tired fish, an aquatic hostel was built in the gallery.