Flying Black Cow Video (HD version)

Video, 16/9, 2012.
10 mins.

This is how it happened. I was driving in my car, between Le Mans and Château-Gontier. I know this road well. I take it at least once a week. Nothing particular to report until Grez-en-Bouerre. As I was leaving the village, I saw that someone had erected a series of gallows by the side of the road. Cows’ heads were dancing in the wind.

“Wow, flying black cows!” I cried !

I got out of my car and made a little film on my Lumix.

Later on, I discovered the meaning of this “manifestation artistique” … hundreds of cows had been killed, because of the polluted fields. A total catastrophe – human, naturel, ecological, economical. Really sad.

I wanted a little more from the film, so I went back to the site the next day, armed with an HD camera and tripod, but the weather was different. The sun was shining and there was no way near as much wind. The two films are not the same.