Flying Black Cow Video (original version)

Video, 4/3, 2012.
10 mins.

This is how it happened. I was driving in my car, between Le Mans and Château-Gontier. I know this road well. I take it at least once a week. Nothing particular to report until Grez-en-Bouerre. As I was leaving the village, I saw that someone had erected a series of gallows by the side of the road. Cows’ heads were dancing in the wind.

“Wow, flying black cows!” I cried !

I got out of my car and made this little film on my Lumix.

Later on, I discovered the meaning of this “manifestation artistique” … hundreds of cows had been killed, because of the polluted fields. A total catastrophe – human, naturel, ecological, economical. Really sad.