The Circulating Library

Installation by Optical Sound.
Médiathèque, Château-Gontier, France.
Permanent installation.

For the exhibition «Vides Poches», Pierre Belouïn and Optical Sound proposed a new version of the installation «The Circulating Library», created for the first time in 2008 in collaboration with Claire Moreux & Olivier Huz. This work is an attempt to represent all the possible relation at the the heart of the independent artists’ record-label, Optical Sound. It takes the form of a complex molecule inspired by the drawings of Buckminster Fuller. Comprising all the edited recordings released by Optical Sound since 1997, the artwork is destined to grow and grow as new records will be released.

The work was installed by Léa Dumand and Nikita Fauve. They were allowed complete interpretive freedom. At the end of the exhibition, after much positive reaction from the public, the Mayor of Château-Gontier decided to buy the piece.

Circulating Library by Optical Sound. Pierre Beloüin avec Claire Moreux & Olivier Hux. 2008. Exhibition: Vide Poches. Médiathèque de Château-Gontier. 2015. Photo: Marc Domage.